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Thought for the Week – Meddyliad yr Wythnos

“ Theme: Hope ’’Optimism is the hope that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence’’- Helen Keller “

Mar 26 2017

Daily Bulletin

DAILY BULLETIN Thursday 23rd March 2017 Week A
Dydd Lau 23 Mis Mawrth 2017
Deadline for inclusion in next day’s bulletin is now 12pm
Deadline on Friday for Monday is now also 12pm
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Thought for the week: ’’Optimism is the hope that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence’’- Helen Keller
Theme: Hope
Welsh - Encourage pupils to translate the following expressions (phonetic pronunciations to help you!)
Pwy a ŵyr? (pwoee ah oi-r)
e.g. Pwy a ŵyr beth fydd y sgôr dydd Sadwrn?
8 am on Monday.
Each hour, Tock’s watch gains three minutes on Tick’s watch. It will, therefore, take 20 hours before it is one hour ahead of it.

The digits of Alberta’s age are interchanged and 1 is added. The answer is half of Alberta’s present age. How old is Alberta?

TODAY!! - All year groups
There will be an E-Safety meeting today (Thursday) in A5 at 1.45pm. New members are very welcome!

All those pupils who have paid their deposits for Iceland MUST ATTEND a short meeting break time on FRIDAY in D12. This is to distribute letters regarding further payments and dates.
A register will be taken.

Two places ARE STILL available for the History trip to LA, Hawaii and San Francisco. If any pupils in Year 9, 10 or 11 are interested please see Mr. Holt (room D5) for details.

Science Club - Year 7
Science club runs from 13:45 - 14:15 during lunch in room G24. It will continue every Thursday - Week A in G24 during lunch at the time specified above.

Canteen Breakfast/food at break (year 7 to 11)
Just to let all the pupils who received the letter from me in January about the breakfast or food at break - the scheme will now continue until the Easter holidays. Thanks - Mrs Hunt

Both senior and Junior choir is now back up and running. Please feel free to join us! Monday is Senior Choir in P21 and Friday is Junior Choir in P20.

Circuit Training
After school on Tuesdays in the gymnasium 3.30 - 4.30. All years, new members welcome.

Geography Revision
Starting Monday 30th January! Will be a one hour revision session every week from 3.30 - 4.30pm in D12 every week there after. Everyone is welcome and revision materials will be distributed, Mrs Mackey.
Geography revision with Miss Evans is in D13 at lunchtime every Monday. An outline of the topics covered are on the doors of the Geography block. Bring your lunch, Miss Evans.

Free School Bus
It was agreed by education that any pupil who forgets their pass in the mornings must be taken into school. They will be reminded by the driver that they must report to the school reception and be issued with a temporary pass/letter. Temporary bus passes/letters will only be available from reception at breaktime. If a pass has just been left at home, then an afternoon only letter or pass is required. If the pupil has lost their pass, the temporary pass/letter should be valid for 1 week only. If pupils fail to get a temporary pass from reception, the driver can and should refuse the pupil onto the bus that afternoon. That same pupil will be turned away the following morning if they attempt to board the bus.
All pedestrian gates will be locked at 8.45 am and re-opened at 3.20. Late pupils must enter school through A Block Reception.

Leo Club
The Leo club will meet Wednesday Lunchtimes in A-block conference room. Leo Club is open for all year groups. Pupils looking to make a positive difference to their community, Locally, Nationally and Internationally.

Year 11 Applied Science
A reminder that there is an Applied Science session for all those involved from 11X3 and 11Y3 every Wednesday lunchtime at 1.25 in G19. Bring your lunch. ALL MUST ATTEND. Mrs Strong.

’’Optimism is the hope that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence’’

- Helen Keller

Value : Hope

Day Lunchtime After School
Mon Basketball - Boys Netball - Year 7
Weights/Fitness (All Years) Football - All Years
Hockey - Year 10-13
Basketball - KS4
Tue Weights/Fitness (All Years) Rugby - Year 7 & 8
Netball - Year 8
Badminton Circuit Training
Wed Weights/Fitness (All Years) Netball - Year 10-13
Touch Rugby - Astro Hockey - Year 8 & 9
Gymnastics Basketball - KS3
Basketball - Girls
Thurs Weights/Fitness (All Years) Rugby - Year 9-11
Netball - Year 9
Hockey - Year 7
Friday Weights/Fitness (All Years)
Senior Rugby Training
Girls Engagement

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