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Porthcawl School Uniform

Please find below our established uniform list.

Additional information and guidance can be found below and in the policies section of the website in the PDF titled "Uniform Policy".

Boys Years 7 to 11 Girls Years 7 to 11
  • White shirt with stiff collar
  • School tie
  • Navy-blue V-neck jumper/sweatshirt with school badge
  • Navy-blue trousers (Traditional Style)
  • Dark socks (grey or navy)
  • Flat black shoes
  • Dark overcoat/anorak
  • White blouse with stiff collar
  • School tie
  • Navy-blue V-neck jumper/sweatshirt with school badge
  • Navy-blue/pinstripe knee length skirt or navy-blue trousers (traditional style
  • Navy tights
  • Flat black shoes
  • Dark overcoat/anorak
Boys Years 12 & 13 Girls Years 12 & 13
  • Blue shirt with stiff collar
  • Sixth form school tie
  • Black V-neck jumper/sweatshirt with school badge
  • Black trousers (Traditional Style)
  • Dark socks
  • Flat black shoes
  • Dark overcoat/anorak
  • Blue blouse with stiff collar
  • Sixth form school tie
  • Black V-neck jumper/sweatshirt with school badge
  • Black pinstripe knee length skirt or black trousers (traditional style)
  • Black tights
  • Flat black shoes
  • Dark overcoat/anorak
Boys Physical Education Girls Physical Education
  • Royal blue and red school rugby jersey with school badge
  • Black shorts/white shorts
  • School rugby socks
  • Rugby/soccer boots
  • Trainers
  • Swimming trunks/shorts (no ¾ board shorts)
  • School PE Shirt
  • Navy skort
  • Trainers
  • School PE Shirt
  • Swimming costume and hat
  • Plain navy jog bottoms
  • Red hooded sweatshirt with school badge

There are three uniform suppliers:

Euroschools, Penybont Court, Ogmore Terrace, Bridgend
Phone no: 01656 654012

Uniform 2 Go Ltd, Unit 4 New Street, Bridgend Industrial Estate
Phone no: 01656 655122

Porthcawl Uniforms, 102 John Street Porthcawl
Phone no: 07934 373190

Further Guidance


Plain, classic school- style trousers. These should be straight legged and not a tight, 'bootleg', 'drainpipe' or 'jeans' style nor should they be 'low-rise'. There should be no large belts or buckles. Trousers should not be made out of a denim fabric or leather.


Skirts should not be tight, slit, or made of stretch fabric. The hem of the skirt should be no more than 5cm above the knee.


Plain navy-blue (black for sixth form) V-neck, with school badge. No cardigans allowed. The school badge may be purchased separately from the school office.


On health and safety grounds we do not allow pupils to wear any jewellery in our school. The exception to this rule is a wrist watch. We ask the pupils children to remove these objects during PE and games, to prevent them from causing injury. If pupils have piercings over the Summer holidays, they will have to remove these before returning to school in September.


No make-up should be worn to school and this includes nail varnish.

Extreme Haircuts and Colours

The school does not permit children to have 'extreme' haircuts and unnatural hair colours that could serve as a distraction to other pupils. Only basic hair accessories to be worn i.e. discrete black or navy scrunchies, bobbles or headbands.


No denim jackets, hoodies, heavily logo'd tops or base ball caps. A suitable plain, dark coloured coat may be worn as outerwear to and from school.


The school wants all children to grow into healthy adults. We believe that it is dangerous for pupils to wear shoes that have platform soles or high heels, so we do not allow pupils to wear such shoes in our school. Neither do we allow pupils to wear trainers to school; this is because we think that this footwear is appropriate for sport or for leisurewear, but is not in keeping with the smart appearance of a school uniform. We require all pupils to wear shoes as stated in the uniform list.

Mobile phones should not be used during lessons in school. In all cases of dispute or interpretation of the school’s rules the decision of the Headteacher will be final.

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